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…In Hindsight, You Really Should’ve Known Better.

It was supposed to be simple. Move to Memphis, link up with a Band of newly-Visited Scions like yourself, shadow a more experienced Band in your off-time and pick up the skills you need to survive the war with the Titans….all while maintaining a normal life. “Easing you into things,” as your divine parent described it. Even the weird bits — “Who puts a sporting-goods store in a pyramid??” — weren’t enough to dampen your enthusiasm.

But the best-laid plans of mice, men and even Gods go pear-shaped…

Scion: Straight Outta Memphis is a Scion: Hero campaign, designed for three-to-six new Hero-level Scions. It is set around a new-ish attraction (the Memphis Pyramid), the design and location of which echoes antiquity… but also attracts dangers, both new and old.

We currently play every other week (usually on Mondays, though we let this slide as needed to accommodate player or ST schedules), via Skype + an IRC-based online dice roller. (This format was chosen specifically to give the option of playing via smartphone or tablet, if necessary.) Our sessions, in the Storyteller’s opinion at least, usually consist of the four of us getting, together and chatting randomly, with a game breaking out now-and then….but we do make progress (somehow).

For further information, please see our Campaign Prospectus, HERE. And if you are interested in joining, please contact the Storyteller via Direct Message either HERE or via the GM’s profile page.

Home Page

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