Roderick "Rod" O'Connor

Casually Racist/Sexist/Everything-ist Cop


Scion of The Dagda

Physical Description: 5’9", medium to slightly heavy build, slightly tnned complexion, Caucasian (Scotch-Irish), thinning gray hair, gray eyes, looks to be in early-to-mid 40’s


(While not formally introduced yet, the PC will have received basic information regarding the Band that they are to join (which apparently calls itself “The Illuminati”). Any search for info on individual members turns up the following regarding O’Connor.)

“Rod” O’Connor has been with the Memphis Police force since 1989 — the same year that ground was broken on the Pyramid. He’s served most of his career in the Pinch District, just north of Downtown (the Pyramid straddles the border between both sections). He’s very vocal about his opinions, perhaps too vocal with certain ones, which has frequently gotten him into trouble. However, he’s demonstrated an unusual skill in talking his way past Internal Affairs, the City Council, and even a press conference set up specifically for him to slip up and give the Director an excuse to sack him. He’s been greatly aided by the loyalty of other officers in the Department, and with good reason: in nearly thirty years of service, despite serving some of the most dangerous warrants, he has yet to lose either a partner or (since making Lieutenant) an officer under his command. His superiors are a bit peeved with the number of comp requests he’s been putting in of late, however.

Roderick "Rod" O'Connor

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