Gerrard Mercury

Disgraced Reporter | "...Did you get THAT?"


Scion of Hermes

Physical Appearence: 5’10", slender build, light brown hair, blue eyes, somewhat severe facial features, giving him the appearance of a perpetual frown (RBF?).


(While not formally introduced yet, the PC will have received basic information regarding the Band that they are to join (which apparently calls itself “The Illuminati”). In Mr. Mercury’s case, he is a very well-known personality; most of the PC’s will know the following even without a search…)

“Pride goeth before a fall” might well be the story of Memphis newscaster Gerrard Mercury’s life. Seemingly a natural journalistic talent, upon graduation from Rutgers he quickly secured employment at a television station in the competitive New York City market, which he used to catapult himself onto a major cable news network. His apparently unstoppable rise came to a halt, however, when the subject of one of his stories, a major aviation company, successfully proved that the network faked a crash test involving one of its aircraft, costing the corporation millions. As the “face” of the network in this fiasco (even though he had nothing to do with the actual faked test in question), he was fired in the network’s culling of anyone even remotely involved in this mess.

Apparently he didn’t take being knocked back into local news (and in a far smaller market, no less) very well: he was caught on a cell-phone video while in a drug-and-alcohol-fueled rant about the “fu**ing inbred, back-ass-ward motherfu**ing people” in his new (Memphis) job. He seemed certain to be fired from his new job as well…until he went on the air with a heartfelt, nearly ten-minute long apology, enumerating his addiction issues, swearing to get to know the people of his new home better, and announcing that he would be part of a new news series that would help him do just that, a “fish-out-of-water” deal that showed him adjusting to new, “Memphis-only” situations. This saved his job at least, if not his reputation: his reaction faces in certain situations, especially hunting/fishing in the tri-state vicinity of Memphis, have become the base of many Internet memes. Needless to say, he is decidedly unhappy about this…

EDIT: …Though that isn’t much of a problem anymore, compared to his being slightly dead at the moment.

In an incident that took much of the wind out of the Illuminati’s sails, they were ambushed slightly northeast of Memphis whilst investigating reports of a Titan-aligned cult. They were ambushed by a large number of etir-fueled thralls, and were barely holding their own when the likely supplier of said etir appeared: a massive Fenrir, easily twelve feet tall at the shoulder and possessed of uncanny intellect, even for it’s species. With one of its members gravely wounded, the Illuminati was forced into the unaccustomed position of having to retreat: and, in perhaps his first truly unselfish act ever, Mr. Mercury used his abilities to distract the giant wolf just long enough to buy them time to do so, at the cost of his life.

Nothing else has been heard from him in the two or so weeks since, and given both the (still) icy relations between the Pesdjet and the Dodekatheon and her own pressing issues (personal and otherwise), the only member of the Illuminati with the theoretical ability to contact him now (Sarah) hasn’t had so much as the opportunity to try.

Gerrard Mercury

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