Celestiál Rivera

"Still Water Runs Deep..."


Scion of Chalchiuhtlicue

Physical Description: 5’5", medium athletic build, light brown complexion, short black hair (usu. tied back), brown eyes, early 20s


(While not formally introduced yet, the PC will have received basic information regarding the Band that they are to join (which apparently calls itself “The Illuminati”). Any search for info on individual members turns up the following regarding Ms. Rivera.)

Celestial Viands, LLC , has recently become the catering company for the elite in and around Memphis of late. Despite her relative youth, the south Texas-born proprietor, Celestiál Rivera — “call me Celeste if it’s easier” — has taken the local haute-cuisine scene by storm, and her quiet, self-effacing nature has, it seems, only driven her admirers wilder still. One newspaper food critic, after having tried her wares at a “pop-up” venue, nearly lost her job after making serious mention of wanting to kidnap the young virtuoso.

Celestiál Rivera

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