Scion: Straight Outta Memphis

"It'll Eventually Get Easier....Right?"

In which Our Storyteller Seeks to Address His Neglect of His Logging Duties

…And It’s Only Been A WEEK!!

Any hopes that Our Heroes (term used very loosely, here :p) had of an easy assignment were dashed before they even touched down at Memphis International. First their flight was interrupted by an elderly woman having a seizure of some sort…and her seemingly random mumbling, as it turned out, presaged an ambush on the freeway as they were leaving the airport. Though caught off-guard, the Scions of this nascent Band — Dr. Eric Fielding, geneticist and son of Kali; Vera Hanelli, experienced mercenary and daughter of Heimdall; and Dr. Jing Xiao Nu, a Scion of Guanyin just beginning her residency — proved more than capable in fending off their attackers., some of whom they discovered were “enhanced” with etir.

This grew more disturbing when they met the Band that they were to be “trained” by, that had taken on the optimistic name of “The Illuminati” based on the pull they had with local politicians, law enforcement, and the media. They related their encounter with a powerful Fenrir north of the city, that left one of their members dead and another seriously wounded. The reason for our Scions’ accelerated summoning became clearer, and the resident Band confirmed that they would need to be brought to speed quickly.

They wouldn’t have to wait long.

Rumors of a giant wild pig, dubbed “Hogzilla”, had reached the mainstream media, and a reputed wild-game hunting reality show host (who turned out to be an almost-complete hack) arrived in town to slay it. While Eric had some fun at the man’s expense while he was trying to shoot “B-roll” for his show (and not just Eric, as it turns out: footage of the unedited, live-TV encounter somehow reached the larger Scion community, and become quite popular) Vera and Xiao Nu prepared to deal with the dangerous Neman hog before the mortal TV host and his crew found themselves in over their heads. Ultimately, it was the Newbie Band (with the aid of Celesti├íl, daughter of the mysterious Aztlanti Goddess Chalchiuhtlicue and member of the Illuminati Band) that took the beast down, with Jiao Nu (the Band’s Pacifist, of all people!) who landed the killing blow.

Victorious, they returned home, with Celesti├íl offering them dinner at her home…only to catch someone in the act of breaking into the more experienced Scion’s home. Said someone proved to be Joney Bridger, daughter of another Illuminati member: the one injured in the Fenrir attack (and who, strangely enough, turned out to also be a Scion of Heimdall.) Dinner was ultimately interrupted by the sight of said Fenrir leaving the Pinch District…followed shortly by a massive fire and sounds of a civil disturbance in said area. Our Band moved to confront, only to encounter etir enhanced anarchists responsible…..who were backed by a lindwurm! This time, it was Vera who took the monster down, as Xiao Nu was busy getting the fire under control, and Eric interrogating one of the “anarchists” (and ultimately leaving one to burn alive when he wouldn’t cooperate.

They spent Sunday recuperating,, then moved into their “cover” occupations, set up with the help of the Illuminati in the hopes of drawing less attention…with mixed success, as it turned out. Eric was confronted by Agent Kendall Henry, local representative of the United States’ national pantheon (colloquially knows as “The Yankee”) regarding the Band’s tactics (he blew her off); Jiao Nu began her local residency (presumably with an explanation to cover what will likely be frequent absences!) and was called in regarding the elderly woman from the plane, who had been suffering recurrent “seizures” where she would say strange (and perhaps prophetic) things (Jiao Nu Asked that she contact her if it happens again); and Vera had a direct encounter with “Destination Retail” working the Hunting/Fishing counter in the Pyramid (she asked to be transferred to a less “Customer-Facing” position…for the Customers’ sake).



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